Australian Birds & Animals
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An Elegance of Egrets 96 x 66 cm Pastel POA

Contortionist White Faced Heron 66 x 46 cm Coloured Pencil POA

Emerald Tree Python 30 x 20 cm coloured pencil POA

Galah Preening 35 x 25 cm coloured pencil POA



Magpie Menace
oil on canvas 180 x 60 cm
Selected Finalist Birds In Art 2009 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum USA
115 pieces selected from approx 1000 international entries

Selection for Birds in Art Travelling Exhibition through USA  2010 (60 pieces from 115)


Preening Brolga 60 x 30 cm coloured pencil POA


Raging Thunder 100 x 66 cm oil on canvas POA

Galahs Outback 46x66 cm cloured pencil POA

Gannets From Popes Eye 66 x 46 cm pastel POA

Bar Tailed Godwits pastel 66 x 46 cm POA

Beach  Curlews pastel 66 x 46 POA

Eternal Streams Intermediate Egrets oil on coloured glass 104 x 80 cm POA

Ethereal Dances Great Egrets oil on canvas 145 x 85 cm POA

Selected Finalist, Birds in Art 2010, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA. 115 pieces selected from international entry of 922.

Finalist  International Selection Artists For Conservation Exhibition 2011


Red Tailed Black Cockatoos pastel in Red Gum Burl POA

Swirling Waters Plumed Whistling Duck 90 x70 cm coloured pencil POA

Underwater View 30 x 50 cm pastel POA

Galah Preening pastel 46 x 66 cm

Scarlet Chested Parrots pastel 23 x 33 cm

Galahs Outback Australia 60 x 100 cm oil on canvas POA


Gang Gang Pair 90 x 66 cm oil on canvas POA

The Red Top Knot  25 x 30 cm coloured pencil POA

Snoots 23 x 15 cm coloured pencil POA

Come Lets Play 36 x 48 in oil on canvas POA

Koala and Joey 100 x 70 cm charcoal on canvas POA

Teal Over the Tamar
66 x46 pastel POA

Featherwaves pastel 66 x 46 cm POA


Fathers Pride and Joy pencil on paper 70 x 50 cm POA

Great Egret Tamar Marshes oil on coloured glass 56 x 36 cm POA

Dingo Gold
pastel 66 x 46 cm

Tasty Leaves
pastel 66 x 46 cm

Master of Sea and Sky Sea Eagle
pastel 86 x 66 cm 

Fan of Feathers
pastel 66 x 46 cm POA

Hide and Seek Among the Lily Pads
oil on canvas 180 x 60 cm POA


Hands Across the Fires
pastel 66 x 46 cm

Purchased by Westpac Bank in support of their funding for the Country Fire Authority

Colourful Camouflage Eclectus Parrots
66 x 46 cm pastel

Regents Realm Regent Parrots
100 x 70 cm oil on canvas

Pelican Capers Pastel 66x46 cm

Australasian Gannets Pastel 90x66cm

Major Mitchell Study Pastel 66x46 cm

Red Tailed Black Cockatoos Acrylic on Canvas 100x76 cm

Eclectus Parrots Acrylic/oil on canvas 100x66 cm

Spoonbills Royal in Blue
Pastel 80x60 cm


Peregrine Sky Watch
Acrylic on Canvas 30x20 in  (Print AU 18)


Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo
Acrylic on Canvas 100x66 cm (Print AU19)


Watcha Say? Gang Gang Cockatoos.
Pastel in Red Gum Frame 60x40 cm  (Print B44)

Scratchy Scratchy. Galahs.
Pastel in Red Gum Frame 60x40 cm (Print B45)

Moody Blues Acrylic on Canvas 40x30 in POA 

Cascade of Light Brolga
Pastel 46 x 66 cm POA


On Wedgetail  Winds
Acrylic on Canvas 36x48in (print 38)

Eagle Encounter
Acrylic on Canvas 40x28in POA (Print BH39)



Pied Oystercatchers
pastel 20x16 in framed

Hooded Plovers
pastel 20x16 in framed

"Desert Reds"
Pastel 46 x66 cm  (print AU 17)


Charcoal Finalist The Waterhouse Art Prize

Eagle Stone Spirit
1st prize
Plenty Valley Arts Heritage of Stone Exhibition

Depths of Blue
Gold Medal Winner
Wildlife Art Society of Australasia 2003

pastel (print B23

Frogmouth Study

Evening Light Mute Swan
Pastel 66x46 cm

Evening Shadows - Mute Swan
Pastel 66x46 cm

All copyright in these works and any digital representation of such works
 remains the exclusive property of the Artist - Pete Marshall 1999-2014